“Al Madrasa tus Saifiyah is a blossoming tree of ilm (knowledge) and amal (deeds) which Mamlook e Aale Mohammed has planted with my own hands.”
Syedna Mohammed Burhanudidin (RA)

Over three decades ago, after Chehlum of Imam Husain (AS) in Dar es Salaam, on the 21st of Safar ul Muzaffar, 1411H, 12th of September, 1990 an educational institute for mumineen children was established by Al Hayyul Muqaddas Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Maula (RA). Maula wished our children to be groomed in an Imani environment on the tenets of Shariat of Rasulullah (SAW) with learning of Quran-e-Majid as its core subject. At the same time, it would facilitate acquisition of all the subjects with Islamic standpoint to enable them to reach par-excellence in academic standards and pursue the career of their choice for a successful livelihood.
With a humble beginning in the snooker and table tennis rooms of Annadil Burhani, that were transformed in a couple of days and nights by Sadaat Kiram, Al Madrasa came into existence with 3 make-shift classrooms and a 3m x 3m Administrative office. Mumineen Mukhleseen acceded to farmaan of Moula and a total of 52 children were enrolled in this institute. Moreover, this was at a time when private schools were not allowed to run. By a chance of fate, the policy changed with a new political set-up and Al Madrasa was registered as an educational institute.

Al Madrasa, Dar es Salaam is among 24 Madaris worldwide under the auspices of Dawate Hadiyah – Idarah al Madaris al Saifyah al Burhaniyah. The hierarchy is headed by Sadaat Kiram who are constantly guiding us through the Idarah office. Close integration is maintained to ensure uniformity in curriculum and pedagogy. Skilled professionals are invited to Annual Meet to train teachers on teaching styles concurrent with new technology. These collaborative operations have enhanced the quality of education in Al Madrasa.
In the successive years the propitious seed that was planted by Burhanuddin Maula (RA), blessed with ruhani faiz and watered with the nazaraat of Daiz Zaman (TUS) has germinated and blossomed into a flourishing tree with its fruits spread far and wide in all fields and walks of life today. The achievements of its alumni endorse this fact.
The ascent of Al Madrasa continues as we record another significant milestone. Once again, the “ana” of Saifuddin Maula and Burhanuddin Maula, Aqa Aaliqadar Maula (TUS) has wished for a school building that reflects the Fatemi saqafat with more facilities to impart holistic education to our children. The tasees of the new structure was performed by Huzurala (TUS) on the auspicious eve of Milad mubarak of Imam uz Zaman (AS), 4th Rabbiul Aakhir, 1441H. Today, the blessed foundation has been laid on the mubarak miqaat of Urs mubarak of Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed (QR). May the day dawn soon when we gather once again to witness the iftetah of the school building on the mubarak hands of our Mushfiq Moula (TUS).

As generations of students enter Al Madrasa to seek ilm of Aale Mohammed, may Allah give the custodian of this prestigious institute, Aqa Aaliqadar Maula, a long life of sehat o aafiyat till the day of qeyamat. Aameen.

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