29th February, Saturday, four of our children from AMSB namely Mufaddal Kaderbhai of Form 1 and Hamza Fidali from standard 7 in category 1(8 to 14 years) and Aliasgar Amijee and Murtaza Zavery of Form 3 in the category 2 (15 to 20 years) attended the public speaking competition organised by Raffles Global Education Services.

There were 12 different schools and 48 participants. The first round each participant was given 5 minutes to perform on a topic of their choice. Our  students spoke on these topics

Mufaddal Kaderbhai on Mistakes,

Hamza Fidali on Mobile phones,

Murtaza Zavery on Traffic congestion and

Aliasgar Amijee on Mental Health.

For the next round the six best from each category were chosen and given a topic ,category 1 the topic was "the day I cannot forget " and category 2 the topic was " I am human." Mufaddal Kaderbhai was chosen among the six best in category 1.

All the participants were given certificates of appreciation.

The judges were professional public speakers, and they enlightened the students with basic tips on public speaking.
Seeing and hearing is believing, and participation increases confidence It was a very educational and interesting event and students were given a platform to develop their public speaking skills.

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