We live in the big broad world with an ever-flowing ocean of information.  Our minds have to become active to assimilate as much as possible.  A General Knowledge Quiz helps the pupils to keep themselves updated about current affairs in the fields of Science, Technology, Politics, Sports, etc… in a form of game.  It instills the habit of reading newspapers, watching educative TV programs, browsing through encyclopedia and educational literature.  This way they learn many things and through a competitive spirit gain confidence, boost their morale and become smart.  Keeping these benefits in mind we organized a General Knowledge Quiz Challenge 2019 for the pupils of Std V to Form IV.  Preparation began in the second term where pupils eagerly challenged their colleagues by asking general knowledge questions

  • During Tilawat ud Dua (Morning assembly),
  • In-between periods,
  • During breaktime and
  • While going home in the school van.

The main event took place on

  • 30th July for Upper Primary pupils, and
  • 1st August 2019 for Secondary pupils.

Upper Primary Section Quiz

Std V to VII participants were divided into four groups as following:

          Active Challengers,

          Master Minds,

          Inquisitive Explorers, and

          Mighty Champions

It had 3 rounds, viz – Direct Questions, Visual and Rapid Fire. Each question had to be answered within 30 seconds.   Nafisa M Mustafabhai Vajihi of Form IV and Ebrahim Hakimuddinbhai Suratwala conducted the quiz under the supervision of our teachers. Both students were very confident and kept the flow of the quiz running smoothly. The Inquisitive Explorer emerged the overall winner of the competition.

Secondary Section Quiz

Quiz for Secondary section was held on Thursday 1st August 2019.  It was a competition amongst four houses.

   GREEN                    YELLOW                    BLUE                    RED

The contestants displayed an amazing level of confidence and general knowledge. The anchors, Ebrahim Hakimuddinbhai Suratwala and Zainab Sh Aliasgherbhai Dossajee also deserve credit for a superb show.  After a stiff competition Blue house claimed the 1st position.

Participants of both quiz were awarded certificates.

After the competition, the language department did an evaluation.  Students were queried on the strengths and shortcomings of the event. Many of them appreciated the way the event was organized and conducted.  Some declared that the questions asked were new to them, thus, they had widened their knowledge and understanding on different subjects.  They congratulated those who participated and insisted on having such events frequently to develop listening and speaking skills respectively. 

We conclude that competitions and class interactions influence students in learning. Students put in more efforts to complete whatever task is given to them.  Insha Allah, educational competitions like these will continue to be organized to challenge and bring out the latent ability in each student in an encouraging and motivating set-up.    


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