Cricket is known to be the second most watched sport in the world. It is the same when we talk about our community in East Africa. They all love to watch and play cricket. The craze of this game has increased over the years.

Cricket mania spread in MSB Dar es Salaam too as soon as the Indoor Cricket Tournament was announced by our two students from form 3:

Ibrahim Shabbir Bhai Jamnagerwalla,

Taher Huzefa Bhai Zavery.

The selection of players was held on 15th September. The captains themselves chose the players with the assistance of their vice captains. There were 3 teams which were competing in MSB DAR Indoor Cricket League - Season 2:

Taheri Titans led by Murtaza Tapya,

Najmi Nights led by Burhanuddin Tapya,

Saifee Strikers led by Mustafa Jamalee.

There were a total of 6 matches and then finals and each team got a chance to play 4 matches.There was a very tough competition between all the teams. The audience enjoyed the tense moments.Each team won 2 matches, according to the rules of Indoor Cricket Najmi Knights and Taheri Titans qualified for the finals as these 2 teams topped the points table.

There was tough competition in the finals between both the teams, Najmi Knights played with vigour and won the Season 2 Finals.The prize ceremony was graced by Janab Amil Saheb and Janab Muawin Amil Saheb. Awards, Medals and Winning Trophy were awarded to the Teams.

We thank our proud partners GHS KIFARU, AL HUSAINI CONSTRUCTIONS AND SAIFEE SWEET MART, who gave us support to organize this successful event.

The individual awards were given to:

Abbas Gohar (Best Bowler Of The Tournament)

Aliasger Amijee (Best Batsman Of The Tournament)

Burhanuddin Tapya (Best Player Of The Tournament)

The tournament was specifically aimed to explore and develop students’ awareness on sports.


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