The Singing Rains

The drops falling down
Go into the ground
Which gives birth to a new tree
That shall grow perfectly round
And I hear that noise
That melodious sound
Tip tap tip tap it goes
On smooth surface it is found
And I see those big beasts
Those vicious hounds
They are of my neighbor
So in the fence they are bound
But it seems they love the rain.
Look, they are playing around.

Crystal rains
With a lot of gains
Shining with white light
Giving off bright light.
You splash in the puddles
And forget your life hurdles
Dance your dreams through the night
Then next morning let the cold bite.

And now a ray of hope,
Shines on the tarmac rope
The children come out and see
Their face in the puddles “Look it’s me”
I see the rainbow, it smiles upon.
A few minutes later, oh it’s gone.

I would love to see
The violent colors roam free
But that would be aurora-like
To see that, I’d go on a freeze spike.
So let’s go catch that flight
And find new dreams in the northern light.

Ishaq Ibrahim
Form IV

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