The Kg1’s invited their grandparents to celebrate their relationship and bond between a Grandparent and their Grandchild. We started with recitation of Dua followed by a special rhyme for the Grandparents.

Then a few grandparents were selected from each class to participate in a fun race of collecting blocks and building a tower with the help of their grandchild.

Following the race, the Grandparents and grandchildren dispersed and attended different stations set by the teachers. There were 5 stations in total:

  • Medal Craft: Decorate a Medal with shiny and colourful pieces.
  • Alam: Children decorated “Ya Husain” Alam (Flag) with Glitter.
  • Still Painting: Different object such as sea creatures, fruits etc were kept for the child to trace and color and paint as per their wish.
  • Reading Corner: The grandparent read their child various books.
  • Cooking Station: Grandparents helped the children make sandwiches and enjoyed their snack along with some juice.

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