The Objective of STEAM education for young children is to create critical thinkers, innovators, and to enhance their interest in Science, Technology, and Mathematics. It helps to apply the knowledge and problem-solving skills into their practical lives.

MSB had organized the STEAMathon event on Wednesday 17th March 2021 for KG 3 Students. Their parents were invited to come and inspire our future scientists, leaders, and inventors, while they performed different experiments, projects, and tasks.

The Event started with Tilawat ud dua, followed by two exciting rounds of friendly competition by our Skilled Scientists, Thoughtful Technologists, Energetic Engineers, Exclusive Artists, and Mysterious Mathematicians. It also had some humor and interactive questions for the parents. They appreciated the hard work and efforts of the STEAMathon organizers (Teachers) and were impressed to see each and every child participating in the activities and projects. They got to learn a lot from the children.

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