This year began with a grand event in MSB Dar es salaam – The Science Fair 2021, based on the theme 

Innovation and Invention, the way forward

The projects reflected the golden words from the sermon of Aqa Moula TUS on the centenary celebration of Aligarh Muslim University:

“The very purpose of education within the Islamic tradition is to put what one knows into practice and derive innovative solutions to local and global challenges, thereby benefitting the societies within which we live in.”

The journey began on 20th January with the orientation of teachers and students. Teachers were divided into 5 teams with the names of famous scientists, Ibn Sina, Al Hayyan, Aristotle, Einstein, and Newton. Each team had a group of 7 students (from class 5- form 4). Teachers facilitated their teams from the beginning till the end. Groups had to follow the steps of scientific procedures and cross checkpoints to earn points.

The climax was on Friday, 9th of April, the day started with dua and an aura of excitement as students were eager to present their projects to the visitors. The projects were judged by a panel of 6 judges, based on the following criteria: scientific principles, innovation, the practicality of the design, and commercial viability. The research of the projects distinctly depicted the scientific concepts in light of the Islamic perspective. Not only was the turnout of the parents and visitors beyond expectations, but also the students’ energy remained vibrant until the event closed at 8.30pm.

The closing ceremony was graciously honored by Janab Amilsaheb, who visited each project with deep interest and listened to the students keenly. The winners were awarded trophies. Indeed, this science fair helped the students to explore their potentials, gain confidence and attain a logical approach towards learning.


Upper primary section

1st -  Miraculous Honey Comb

2nd - Hydraulic Arm

Secondary section

1st - Thermoelectric Generator

2nd - Covidjell

“It was a remarkable good job these kids had put up. They had worked so hard. What confidence! Power of speech and intellectual presentation. Tireless efforts of kids and their teachers for continuous twelve hours. Keep it up AMSB!”

                                                                                                            Feedback – Anonymous



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