This year we had 8 participants in the age category 10-15 and 2 participants in the age category of 16-21 who participated in the Public Speaking Competition organized by The Raffles Global Education Services.
There were around 40 participants from 12 different schools.

The first rounds were held online in March 2021 whereby 6 out of our eight participants qualified for the 2nd round in the 1st category.

The second round was held in June 2021.

The participants were given 3 topics on arrival, of which they had to choose one and prepare it within the time limit of one hour.

The topics for the second round were:

1. My school journey

2. Not everything is as it *seems and not everything *that seems is.

3. The animal kingdom fascinates and interests me because...

Shamoil Sh. Yusuf  Essajee from class 5 qualified for the final round. He was given 5 minutes to prepare on the topic "How Important is Hard Work"
He stood second in the junior category.

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