As per khushi  mubarak of our beloved Aqa Moula (tus), we had organized a Kg.3 Grandparents/grandchild picnic at Beach house on Thursday, 13th February 2020.

  • To attain Moula’s khushi to take buzurgo on tafreeh out in the fresh air.
  • Create an opportunity for those grandparents who don’t live with their grandchildren and spend some quality time together.
  • To give a platform to the grandparents to relive their childhood by involving in different games and activities.
  • To make them feel respected and loved by their grandchildren.

We started our program with Tilawat ud Dua followed by the HOS welcome speech. Grandchildren also happily greeted them by reciting a poem and a rhyme.  The following activities were planned for both the grandparents and the children.

  • Touch, feel and guess your grandparent and do salaam (blindfold)
  • Dumb charades
  • Planting of seeds (obstacle race)
  • Foot and hand massage
  • Reading corner
  • Coloring activity
  • Jig saw puzzle

After some refreshment, the picnic ended on a happy note by some ideas and tips on raising children by some grandmas and finally good memories were captured at the photo booth frame.We witnessed that Grandparents play a crucial role in teaching good habits and values to our children.  

Rasulullah (SA) states; البركة مع اكابركم  

Barakat lies with your elders.

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