AMSB Educational Institute does not leave any stone unturned in giving education and exposure to its students. Recently, we decided to take our Form III and Form IV students to visit one of the public schools, Ilala Secondary School, on Wednesday, 24th July 2019 with the objectives of:

- Exchanging teaching and learning experiences for both teachers and students.
- Having exposure for students to know about other cultures and socializing with other communities.
- Acquiring life skills through sharing, discussion and observation.

Students from both sides were excited. It was the first time since the inception for Ilala Secondary school to receive such delegation. They appreciated our concern for them, and accredited us for the contribution of developing English language. Similarly, our students also appreciated this exchange program as they interacted and experienced a new environment and learnt about African culture.

Our students evaluated the trip as follows:

- “The trip was very educative and we learnt a lot about English and Kiswahili languages, life skills and formed friendship with our peers from a different culture.”
- “We realized that these students come from far to acquire education but they were very serious on the issue of studying.”
- “Although their classes are large, they were well disciplined, and followed what they were being instructed.”
- “We witnessed that despite the harsh environment our counterparts were motivated to come to school and learn every single day. This made us appreciate the modern facilities, spacious and comfortable classrooms and conducive learning environment of Al Madrasa.”

We thank both schools’ administration for their support and cooperation. Inshallah this type of activities will enhance self-awareness, interaction with other societies and learning life skills.

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