Upon receiving the positive response in the last 2 years, Father’s day has become our yearly feature. And this was the 3rd year we got the opportunity to organize “Father’s Day”

Aim :

  • Spending quality time. As per Moula’s bayan Father’s day and Mother’s day should not be just once in a year, it should be every day.
  • Fathers play an important role in the healthy development of a child.
  • Fathers to take on multiple tasks as often they are considered secondary for parenting the child and they take a back seat.

This year’s theme was Indoor board games and traditional outdoor games. “Blast from the Past”.

The program started with Tilawat ud dua by kg.1 students, followed by a heart touching rhyme by them for their Fathers. Then fathers got the chance to rejuvenate themselves and to create a special bond with their children by playing

Indoor games : Jenga, memory card games, carom board, twister, tic-tac-toe with slate and chalk and puzzles

Outdoor games : lemon and spoon, 7 stones, feet on feet, blind fold walking.

Conclusion : Fathers remembered their childhood by involving themselves  in  the games which are hardly played these days due to the excessive usage of T.V., ipads, mobile phones etc. They had wonderful time with their children and appreciated the teachers effort for the organized program and the memories they got to cherish forever.

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