Staff and students at AMSB Dar es salaam, Pre-primary section chose to do something grand and opened their door to Grandparents in the morning of Friday, April 27th in order to celebrate the importance of relationships across generations and to honor the grandparents who area family’s strong foundation . A crowd of proud grandparents gathered in the classrooms. Children welcomed them warmly, did salaam, served refreshment and pinned the badge of ‘Forget me not flower’. Then they came forward to express their love and emotions and talked why they love their grandparents. Children also said what grandmother and grandfather are called in different languages. Later they recited a beautiful special poem for grandparents. Grandparents were delighted by their grandchildren’s performance and worked with them excitedly in various art and craft activities.

Since the world book day activities were ongoing and the greatest storytellers were around us, we had arranged a small Book fair. The grandparents bought a book and gifted to it to their grandchildren.

The school staff also interacted on a one-to-one basis with grandparents to seek some advice and to thank them for accepting the invitation.
It was a successful event indeed, and the School as always looks forward to organize more events like this.

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