World Wildlife Day is celebrated each year on March 3rd. This is a global celebration of all the wonderful wild animals and plants created by Allah Ta’ala. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the dangers that threaten the survival of many animals around the world especially their habitats i.e forests and water bodies. The animals depend upon our support and they deserve attention too.

 In the light of the above, teachers at Al Madrasa had planned several activities to remind our little children how wildlife has helped humans for thousands of years by providing food, medicine, building material, and recreational activities.

Kindergarten children learned the names of different animals, the big 5 of Africa, what they eat and how we can protect them. They were excited to recite some animal rhymes with actions, enjoyed dressing up as animals, listened to various rhymes and stories, did show and tell of some animals, and also wrote about their favourite animal.

In the lower primary section,4 pupils from each class from each house shared interesting and unique facts about any one or a group of animals. Informative charts and posters are on display in the World Wildlife Day corner outside the Lower primary classrooms on the ground floor.

In the primary section, the students presented PowerPoint presentations, pictures and shared interesting and unique facts on different kinds of endangered, extinct, and living animals.

World Wildlife day gave us an opportunity to do our part in preserving our Wildlife and spreading the word about the importance of our wildlife. If you love our planet, what better way to celebrate everything on it than to encourage other people to care about it too?

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