Finding the right words to express yourself can be difficult at times. But a picture may be worth more than a thousand words.

Artwork delves into someone's inner world. What their coping skills are, what holds them together in times of stress, and underlying conflict and emotions, are all captured through art."

Through arts, we can practice working on self-control , fine motor skills and gather our inner self together to be a more organized person.

On this perspective, MSB - DSM provides a vast platform for children to explore different types of arts through various mediums. Our students love, enjoy and always look forward to such activities.

We were honoured to host Mr. Wajid Khan - an artist extraordinaire, environmentalist and birdlife activist, at MSB on Friday 16th August 2019.

Mr. Wajid Khan holds many records which includes –

Guinness Book of World Records

Limca Book of Records

37 World Record Holder

8 Patent Holder.

In his talk, he highlighted his journey and mentioned how he was blessed to present one of his artwork to AaliQadar Moula tus .

Thereafter he gave a demonstration of transformation art where he used 3 spoons and transformed them into a sculpture of a bird .

With dua mubarak of Aqa Moula tus we hope to keep promoting our students and MSB in varied fields.


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