• To create awareness in our children about different countries, people- their attires and languages.
  • Expose our children to the diverse world
  • Involve parents for the play based learning.

The program started with Friday dua, followed by the rhyme  “Children of the world” recited by kg.2 children in their beautiful attires of various countries. It was indeed a lovely performance by them. They also greeted the parents/ audience in different languages.

Kg.2 teachers had set up 6 different stations eg. India, China, Egypt, Hawaii, Tanzania and Mexican with various activities related to that country. Parents actively took part and guided/assisted their children at the stations to do interesting hands on activities.  Both children and parents were engrossed in creative art work, preparing snack and making pina colada.

Overall, it was an enlightening program and parents appreciated the initiative taken by Al Madrasa tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah and teachers to hold such interactive program.

We would like to thank the parents for their support especially in dressing up the children in different costumes and 100% attendance for the program. A big thank you to the kg.2 Fathers for attending in large number. Shukran, Ahsante, Mercie, Thank you.

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