World Wildlife Day is celebrated each year on March 3rd. This is a global celebration of all the wonderful wild animals and plants created by Allah Ta’ala. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the dangers that threaten the survival of many animals around the world especially their habitats i.e forests and water bodies. The animals depend upon our support and they deserve attention too.

 In the light of the above, teachers at Al Madrasa had planned several activities to remind our little children how wildlife has helped humans for thousands of years by providing food, medicine, building material, and recreational activities.

Kindergarten children learned the names of different animals, the big 5 of Africa, what they eat and how we can protect them. They were excited to recite some animal rhymes with actions, enjoyed dressing up as animals, listened to various rhymes and stories, did show and tell of some animals, and also wrote about their favourite animal.

In the lower primary section,4 pupils from each class from each house shared interesting and unique facts about any one or a group of animals. Informative charts and posters are on display in the World Wildlife Day corner outside the Lower primary classrooms on the ground floor.

In the primary section, the students presented PowerPoint presentations, pictures and shared interesting and unique facts on different kinds of endangered, extinct, and living animals.

World Wildlife day gave us an opportunity to do our part in preserving our Wildlife and spreading the word about the importance of our wildlife. If you love our planet, what better way to celebrate everything on it than to encourage other people to care about it too?

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Students council form an integral part of a school system.Investiture ceremony of 2021 took place on Tuesday 26th January in the Nafisa Hall. 

The excitement and anticipation was palpable. Students awaited with abated breathe to hear who would be the leaders for 2021 Student Council. Hatim juzer was appointed as Head boy with Aliasgher Amijee as the deputy. While on the girl's side Zainab Dossaji was appointed as Head girl with Amatullah Zavery as the deputy Head girl.

Four Captains from boys and girls were selected to head the house colors in various activities throughout the year. A team of 11 senior prefects completed the Student Prefect Body of the year 2021.

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Cricket is known to be the second most watched sport in the world. It is the same when we talk about our community in East Africa. They all love to watch and play cricket. The craze of this game has increased over the years.

Cricket mania spread in MSB Dar es Salaam too as soon as the Indoor Cricket Tournament was announced by our two students from form 3:

Ibrahim Shabbir Bhai Jamnagerwalla,

Taher Huzefa Bhai Zavery.

The selection of players was held on 15th September. The captains themselves chose the players with the assistance of their vice captains. There were 3 teams which were competing in MSB DAR Indoor Cricket League - Season 2:

Taheri Titans led by Murtaza Tapya,

Najmi Nights led by Burhanuddin Tapya,

Saifee Strikers led by Mustafa Jamalee.

There were a total of 6 matches and then finals and each team got a chance to play 4 matches.There was a very tough competition between all the teams. The audience enjoyed the tense moments.Each team won 2 matches, according to the rules of Indoor Cricket Najmi Knights and Taheri Titans qualified for the finals as these 2 teams topped the points table.

There was tough competition in the finals between both the teams, Najmi Knights played with vigour and won the Season 2 Finals.The prize ceremony was graced by Janab Amil Saheb and Janab Muawin Amil Saheb. Awards, Medals and Winning Trophy were awarded to the Teams.

We thank our proud partners GHS KIFARU, AL HUSAINI CONSTRUCTIONS AND SAIFEE SWEET MART, who gave us support to organize this successful event.

The individual awards were given to:

Abbas Gohar (Best Bowler Of The Tournament)

Aliasger Amijee (Best Batsman Of The Tournament)

Burhanuddin Tapya (Best Player Of The Tournament)

The tournament was specifically aimed to explore and develop students’ awareness on sports.

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Mnamo septemba 24 tulitembelea SHULE YA SEKONDARI HALISI iliyoko Gongo la mboto eneo la Majohe. Lengo kuu ya ziara ilikuwa kusoma kwa kushirikiana na wanafunzi wa shule wa Sekondari Halisi wa kidato cha tatu na nne.

Tulianza kujifunza somo la Kiswahili ikifuatiwa na Lugha ya Kiingereza, Uraia na Biolojia. Tulianza Kiswahili ambalo ni lugha ya taifa.

Mwalimu wa Kiswahili wa shule wa Halisi aliitwa Madam Halima na mwalimu wa shule wa AMSB aliitwa Mwalimu Othuman Yahya. Katika kipindi hii tulisoma mada wa Uhakiki wa kazi ya fasihi kwa kujadili Tamthilya ya Kilio Chetu na Orodha.

Somo lililofuata ni la Uraia(Civics). Mwalimu wa Civics wa shule wa Halisi aliitwa Madam Mwamini Bakari na mwalimu wa shule wa MSB aliitwa Mwalimu Malick Mpita. Katika civics tulisoma mada wa uchaguzi wa kidemokrasia na mwaka huu uchaguzi utafanyika tarehe ishirini na nane mwezi wa Octoba.

Pia tulisoma Lugha ya Kiingereza. Mwalimu wa Kiingereza wa shule wa Halisi waliitwa Madam Mlay na Madam Pendo na mwalimu wa shule wa AMSB aliitwa Mwalimu Madam Fatema Hassan. Katika kipindi hii tulisoma mada wa Uhakiki wa kazi ya fasihi kwa kujadili Riwaya ya Unanswered Cries.

Kutoka hapa tulipata mapumziko ya dakika ishirini. Wengi (sisi na wanafunzi wengine wa Halisi) tulielekea kantini kwajili kupata chai kwa kushirikia na wanafunzi wenzetu.

Baada ya mapumziko tulikuwa na kipindi cha Biologia cha kwenda Maabara. Mwalimu wa Halisi aliitwa Mr. Hassan na Mwalimu wa AMSB aliitwa Mr. Talanta. Hapa tulisoma mada wa Uratibu(Coordination). Tulipewa Karatasi za maelekezo na maswali ikisema kuangalia Ulimi wetu na kutambua sehemu za ladha tofauti.
Kipindi chote kilikuwa cha dakika arobaini na tano na kiliishia vizuri kama ilivyopangwa.

Tulipomaliza masomo tulikwenda kucheza michezo mbalimbali, hususan mpira wa mguu na mpira wa kurushiana. Mpira wa miguu ulichezwa na wanaume tu, na

mpira wa kurushiana ilichezwana na wasichana. Hii michezo imenifurahisha sana kubadilisha mawazo ya shule hii kwa sababu tanapata elimu ya michezo na masomo vilevile.

Kusudi la ziara hii ilikuwa ya kusoma na kuzalisha/ kubadilishana uzoefu na mazoezi mazuri kati ya shule unayotembelea na shule unayotoka. Kwa hivyo Kushiriki katika ziara ya kujifunza, inaweza kuzidisha uzoefu wa kufurahisha na ala muhimu ya kujifunza kwako.

 Tunafurahi sana kuwa tulipata nafasi ya kusoma kama mwanafunzi katika shule halisi ya sekondari kwa siku moja. Tulikuwa na muda mzuri kutembelea shule hiyo kwa sababu tulipata uzoefu wa kusoma kutoka kwa waalimu tofauti. Kujifunza uzoefu anuwai wa maisha katika nyanja kadhaa..

Zaidi ya hayo ziara hii tulipata nafasi ya kushirikiana na wanafunzi wa sekondari ya halisi na kuunda urafiki kati yao. Ninaamini kuwa ili mtu ajifunze vyema lazima atategemea kupata mazingira mazuri, hivyo katika ziara yetu ya shule hiyo tuliona mazingira ambayo wanafunzi walikuwa wakisoma, yalikiwa safi.

Ninahitmisha kusema kwamba tumebadilishana mawazo kwenye masomo na michezo ili elimu yetu iwe na mwanufaa. Ujifunzaji ni mchanganyiko wa mazingira yanayosaidia, walimu waliojitolea na wanafunzi ambao wanafurahi katika kujifunza. Kwa hivyo kwa ziara hii, tulipata fursa ya kukutana na wanafunzi tofauti wa shule tofauti. Ningependa tubadilishane mawazo kila mara. Ni hasa ya elimu yetu, inafanya iwe rahisi kwako kujua wenzako wanapata elimu gani na hali yao ya mazingira ya shule. Tunashukuru juhudi za waalimu wetu katika kuandaa safari ya kushangaza ambaye ilituwezesha kushiriki uzoefu kadhaa na mwanafunzi mwenzetu wa SHULE YA SEKONDARI YA HALISI.

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