There was an air of excitement, laughter could be heard everywhere, the streets were queued up with school buses, children walking with their bags and anxious parents dropping their children to school.

 All students arrived on time, no laxity in their gait. They were all anxious to be back after the hiatus of 100 days. Dressed smartly in their uniforms, they walked in through the MSB gates, their faces radiant, their eyes seeking their friends. The soothing tones of the Eid Qasida could be heard all over the campus. Their teachers welcomed them with smiles and assurances.

They washed their hands and moved to the assembly hall. The buzz of conversations, the feeling of apprehension, the smiles, the scent of expectation all radiated and reflected amongst the welcome décor of the assembly hall.

The Daily dua was recited, after which Mustafabhai Fidali (Primary HOS) welcomed the students with a short speech. The Primary teachers then enacted a skit to reinforce the need for safety and precautions to be observed in school. Mr Ramadhan (Geography teacher) then welcomed the students and talked about having the right attitude to learn. After that Ruqaiya Rajabali and Khadija Jamalee of Form 4 shared with students a conversation regarding using of games and You-tube for learning purposes. After this, students who had participated in the International Essay writing competition received their certificates.

The Masool then addressed the students and ended by saying that we must be thankful to Almighty Allah Taala for keeping us safe and protected. And we should be also thankful to our President, Hon. John Pombe Magufuli, for taking measures to make our country safe. The assembly ended with Wazifatushukr and National Anthem.


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