Dar es salaam hosted the 5th Student exchange program to the Roof of Africa, one of the 7 wonders of Africa – Mt.Kilimanjaro.

44 East African students (27 boys & 17 girls ) accompanied by 5 teachers and 2 ambitious veterans aged (62 yrs & 70 yrs) participated in 6-day adventurous trekking from 28th Feb to 5th March.

Every section of the mountain with its amazing sight taught our students about different vegetation, habitat, mental math and new vocabulary. The students learnt to overcome numerous obstacles, became stronger and positive than before and expressed gratitude for every small step of success they took to conquer the mighty mountain.

Overall, due to the unpredictable weather conditions, the whole trekking expedition was a challenge to the mind, body, and spirit and our students gave their best by being mindful, fighting different illnesses and strengthening their faith towards our ultimate guide-Aqa Moula tus who guided them throughout this adventurous expedition to take the right decisions.  May our Moula’s khushi be our compass to balance deen and duniyah to achieve contentment, happiness and greater heights in the journey of life.  Ameen.

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