The establishment of a Prefect board gives students an opportunity to acquire the sort of communication, planning and organizational skills which will be beneficial to them in their future. The eagerly awaited Investiture Ceremony for the MSB academic year 2020 was held on January 22, 2020.

There was an aura of expectancy as the Head of Section Fatemaben took up the mike. The brief ceremony consisted of a short introduction to what an investiture ceremony is, followed by the announcements. Ebrahim Hakimuddin was selected as the Head boy with Yusuf Najmuddin as his assistant, while from the girls Alefiyah Zavery was selected as the Head girl and Sakina Juzer as her assistant. Four house captains and their assistants were announced followed by the 10 Student Council members who would complete the prefectorial board. The students were then briefed about the tasks that they would be involved in, and their responsibilities.

The Masool and Head of Sections handed over the badges and emphasized on the need of shouldering their responsibilities firmly and efficiently. The Masool then administered the oath with prefect members repeating after him, signalling the beginning of their year of leadership.

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