Al Madras tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah, Pre-primary section had organized A Whimsical Story/Hekayat telling Interschool Bonanza  event on Saturday, 24th August 2019 for Kg.3 students.

The main purpose of the whole programme was :

  • To enhance student’s confidence in speaking Lisan–ud– Dawat and English.
  • To increase student’s self- esteem.
  • To develop poise and confidence in speaking before a group.
  • To develop and enhance the student's listening and memorization skills.
  • Stimulate and unlock student’s imagination and creative thinking.
  • To speak with expression, allowing the face to reflect the feelings of the hekayat or story.

All the children got an opportunity to narrate the chosen story at the class level in 1st and 2nd round and then 11 selected students from AMSB school participated in this event to retell different stories/hekayat which conveyed important morals and messages to the students and audience.

Three other schools Simba preschool, Little stars preschool and Al Muntazir school also joined hands with us to make it an Interschool event. Total  7 students from these schools got an opportunity to perform on different English stories.

Other activities of the event included recitation of Quran e majeed, welcome drill, Blue shoe game and Brain teasers for the parents, Lisanudawat nasheed and poem on “we are the world”.

The program ended with cake cutting ceremony to promote unity amongst the teachers of all the schools that participated.

A token of participation was given to all the children on the hands of Janaab Shk.Huzefabhai Patanwala.


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