This Year Al Madrasatus Saifiyatul Burhaniyah Daresalaam organized its 4th student exchange program to the highest standing mountain of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. The students got the opportunity to achieve what many dream – to climb and reach to its summit. Students from all three East African centers of M.S.B joined their hands to conquer this mountain.

44 students (22 boys and 22 girls) accompanied by 4 teachers and 2 parents participated in this 6-day expedition from 16 February to 24 February. 1 teacher, 2 parents and 2 students reached UHURU POINT, 3 students and 1 teacher reached STELLA POINT and 5 students reached GILMANS POINT.

During this trip the children followed the shariat. They learned about the Geographical importance of the Mountain, the Chemistry of Zebra Rocks, the Physics of heat and cold and most importantly praised the creator for the beauty the Mountain holds. They also gained exposure with other students and other foreign hikers conversing in different languages.

In the end this was a successful trip as the students returned highly motivated and mentally strong to face all types of difficulties and obstacles in their way.


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