Al Madras tus Saifiya tul Burhaniyah, Pre-primary section had organized A Whimsical Story/Hekayat telling Interschool Bonanza  event on Saturday, 24th August 2019 for Kg.3 students.

The main purpose of the whole programme was :

  • To enhance student’s confidence in speaking Lisan–ud– Dawat and English.
  • To increase student’s self- esteem.
  • To develop poise and confidence in speaking before a group.
  • To develop and enhance the student's listening and memorization skills.
  • Stimulate and unlock student’s imagination and creative thinking.
  • To speak with expression, allowing the face to reflect the feelings of the hekayat or story.

All the children got an opportunity to narrate the chosen story at the class level in 1st and 2nd round and then 11 selected students from AMSB school participated in this event to retell different stories/hekayat which conveyed important morals and messages to the students and audience.

Three other schools Simba preschool, Little stars preschool and Al Muntazir school also joined hands with us to make it an Interschool event. Total  7 students from these schools got an opportunity to perform on different English stories.

Other activities of the event included recitation of Quran e majeed, welcome drill, Blue shoe game and Brain teasers for the parents, Lisanudawat nasheed and poem on “we are the world”.

The program ended with cake cutting ceremony to promote unity amongst the teachers of all the schools that participated.

A token of participation was given to all the children on the hands of Janaab Shk.Huzefabhai Patanwala.

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For sports lovers, 2019 was the Year of Cricket. Cricket is known to be the second most watched sport after football. It is the same when we talk about our community in East Africa. They all love to watch and play Cricket. The craze of this game has increased over the years. The supporters of 10 participant countries kept track of each and every ball through TV and mobile phones.

Cricket mania spread in AMSB Dar es Salaam too as soon as the Cricket Quiz was announced by our Quiz Masters from Form II:

1.Ibrahim Shabbirbhai Jamnagerwala,
2.Taher Huzefabhai Zavery
3.Abbas Aliasgherbhai Gohar

The quiz was specifically aimed to explore and develop students’ awareness on general knowledge about Cricket. The quiz masters tried their level best to spread the love for Cricket through several marketing strategies, like

• Decorating the notice boards with facts, figures and colourful pictures,
• Personalized invitation to all staff members,
• Setting the stage with eye catching backdrop and props, and
• Interesting and animated quiz slides.

The sun of 25th July rose with more zeal and zest in participants of CWC Quiz. All the contestants and their supporters were named after the countries who participated in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

1.Australia (Green House)

2.South Africa (Yellow House)

3.India (Red House)

4.England (Blue House)

All teams showed expansive knowledge on the sport of Cricket and responded carefully. Teams England and South Africa secured 1st and 2nd positions and faced each other in the power play round. SOUTH AFRICA bagged the Al Madrasa CWC Quiz Trophy.

Certificates were awarded to all contestants. Captain of the winning team Aliasgher Amiji expressed his appreciation for the educative experience they got while preparing for the quiz and acknowledged the efforts of his team to win the trophy.


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This Year Al Madrasatus Saifiyatul Burhaniyah Daresalaam organized its 4th student exchange program to the highest standing mountain of Africa Mount Kilimanjaro. The students got the opportunity to achieve what many dream – to climb and reach to its summit. Students from all three East African centers of M.S.B joined their hands to conquer this mountain.

44 students (22 boys and 22 girls) accompanied by 4 teachers and 2 parents participated in this 6-day expedition from 16 February to 24 February. 1 teacher, 2 parents and 2 students reached UHURU POINT, 3 students and 1 teacher reached STELLA POINT and 5 students reached GILMANS POINT.

During this trip the children followed the shariat. They learned about the Geographical importance of the Mountain, the Chemistry of Zebra Rocks, the Physics of heat and cold and most importantly praised the creator for the beauty the Mountain holds. They also gained exposure with other students and other foreign hikers conversing in different languages.

In the end this was a successful trip as the students returned highly motivated and mentally strong to face all types of difficulties and obstacles in their way.


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The Faiz ul Mawaid il Burhaniyah is an azeem neemat of Syedna Mohammad Burhanuddin RA and Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS. On 28th February, 23 mi Jumadal Ukhra, the auspicious day of Urs Mubarak of Syedna Ismail Badruddin RA, our students (Boys) from Form-1 to Form-4 did azeem khidmat of FMB Thaali distribution in the various vicinity of mumineen.
May Allah grant our Moula Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin TUS a long, healthy and prosperous life till the day of qiyamat. AMEEN.

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